Tracking costs and billing for a client

There are a couple of ways to monitor and compare costs and billing for a client’s projects. You can:

On the Summary tab

If you open a client’s profile and click the Summary tab, you can view graphs of total costs versus estimates and costs versus billing for the client.

If you want to view data by project, look at the Summary tab within each project.

Costs versus cost estimates

If you’re using Replicon PSM or PPM, select the Cost toggle to view total current actual costs for all of the client’s projects versus total estimates.

Estimated costs are calculated based on hours allocated to the project.

Costs versus billing

Click the Billing toggle to view total billing versus cost for all of the client’s projects.

Adjusting graph display settings

When viewing graphs on the Summary tab for a client or project, you can alter the display resolution (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly).

You can also change the date range that displays, using either the date fields:

Or by clicking the scroll arm, holding down the left mouse button, and dragging.

Costs and billing numbers are based on non-normalized hours saved in timesheets – hours do not have to be submitted or approved. Expenses are not included in billing data.

On the Projects tab

If you open a client’s profile and click the Projects tab, you can view current cost and billing totals per project, and totals for all of the client’s projects.

Totals also display in the client status summary bar located in the top, right-hand corner of the client profile page.

In reports

Cost and billing data per client is available in several reports, including the Client Detail default report.

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