Setting and tracking project costs by cost type (CapEx or OpEx)

You can assign a cost type (either CapEx or OpEx) to each project you manage. You can also assign a cost type to each sub-task of a project. These values can be compared to actual costs accrued under each category for projects using reports.

Assigning cost types to projects and tasks

To assign cost types to the project as a whole:

  1. Go to Projects, and select a project. Or, click Add New Project.
  2. Select the Project Info button.

  1. From the Cost Type field, select either the CapEx, OpEx, or Unclassified option.

If a project or task is unclassified, its hours will not be categorized under either CapEx or OpEx in reports.

  1. Click Save.

To assign cost types for each task:

  1. Go to Projects, and select a project. Or, click Add New Project.
  2. Click the Tasks tab.

  1. Select either Add a Task or the icon in an existing task row.

  1. Click the Show more link at the bottom of the bubble that displays.

  1. From the Cost Type field, select either the CapEx or OpEx option.

  1. Click Save.

Tracking costs by cost type in reports

Reports based on the Project and Task Time, Expense, Cost & Billing templates provide the most comprehensive view of cost types. They include the data listed below.

Cost type option selected

  • Project or Task Cost Type

Estimates based on hours allocated to entire project

  • Estimated CapEx and OpEx Cost


  • Actual CapEx and OpEx Cost(1) and Hours
  • Actual CapEx and OpEx Normalized Cost and Hours

Refer to Replicon's Reports Field Matrix for a detailed breakdown of what fields are included in each report template.


If I change the cost type for a project, will all hours for the project be associated with the new setting, or only those entered after the change?

Hours will always be associated with the current setting, whatever that is.


(1) This field can be reported on either for all project dates or for selected dates, using the Project Time, Expense, Cost & Billing template.

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