How do I find a deleted or archived project? A closed task?

When you delete a project, it is permanently removed from your database, so you can’t retrieve it. That is why we recommend changing the status of projects that you are no longer using instead of deleting them. You can mark such projects as Completed, Deferred, Cancelled, or Archived.

You can also mark tasks as closed, rather than deleting them.

Viewing archived projects

Use the Archived status to disable older projects you no longer need ready access to. Archived projects do not display on the list of All projects or My Projects on the Projects > Projects page.

To view archived projects:

  1. Go to Projects > Projects.
  2. Choose the Archived status option.

Archived projects display in gray.

Viewing closed tasks

To view a closed task:

  1. Go to Projects > Projects, and choose the project whose tasks you want to view.
  2. Click the Tasks tab.
  3. Select the Show Closed Tasks check box that displays in the top, right-hand corner of the task list.

All closed tasks display.

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