Does Replicon offer digital signature verification?

Since timesheets are legal documents, some organizations may require users to sign timesheets they submit or approve.

Replicon doesn’t offer formal digital signatures. However, login authentication, timesheet audit trail, and timesheet attestation tie each timesheet action to a specific, verified user.

In combination, these features are more powerful than signature verification, since they verify each action, rather than the timesheet as a whole.

Login authentication

Users must log in to Replicon’s secure platform using their unique login credentials before they can take any action, such as submitting or approving a timesheet. There is no option to perform actions using external methods, such as via email links; users must always log in first.

Logging in verifies the authenticity of the user, and ties their identity to whatever actions they carry out in the system. It thereby acts as a form of identity verification on par with using a digital signature.

You can track who logged in and when, and the IP address used, using our User Access Details report.


Replicon’s SSL certificate that verifies its platform security can be viewed at

Timesheet audit trail

Replicon tracks all actions taken on timesheets, including time entry additions and edits, reopens, approvals, and rejections. Each action is tied to the user who performed it. Further, the report shows the date and time each change, and the previous and new values.

Since users must log in to perform any timesheet action, the audit trail ties each action to a verified user.

All of this data can be easily filtered, viewed, and exported using the Timesheet Audit Trail report.

Timesheet attestation

Optionally, you can include an attestation check box on employee timesheets, or on a subset of employee timesheets, configured in timesheet templates. This can be made a required field that must be completed before the timesheet can be submitted.

As with the audit trail, attestations are tied to the verified timesheet user.

The attestation status for each time entry can be viewed in reports like the Timesheet Day report.