Determining the URL for your service calls

Before calling the web services, you need to determine the endpoint for your company’s instance of Replicon. The endpoint is the URL where the services can be accessed by your client application.

Determining your endpoint

To determine your endpoint, call the GetUserIntegrationDetails operation at:

To view the test interface for this service, go to:

The response includes the serviceEndpointRootUrl parameter, which is the endpoint for your instance. The response also includes information on the user’s authentication method.

Creating URLs for service calls

When calling the web services, use the following format for the URL:

<endpoint> + <servicename> + / + <operationname>

For example, with the above endpoint, you would use the following URL to update the name of a project:

As the endpoint can change, you will need to call the GetUserIntegrationDetails operation each time you run your application and then create the web service URLs dynamically.