Creating custom user import templates for RIA

The Replicon Import Add-in (RIA) allows you to import users and other items into your Replicon instance using a spreadsheet.

If you’ll be using RIA to import multiple batches of users with similar settings, you might want to set up a custom user import template. These are different from the default templates you see listed on the Import Dashboard sheet; Custom templates allow you to save settings for specific types of users and use them for later imports. You can create as many templates as you need.

To create a custom user import template:

  1. Log in to RIA.
  2. On the Import Dashboard sheet, select GetStarted(Beta) from the DataTemplate row.

  1. Click the here link at the bottom of the dialog that displays.

  1. Select the location where you’d like the template to be saved on your machine. Create a new folder if you need to.

  1. Click the New button.

A Welcome tab displays.

If you want to base a new template on settings in an existing template, select Copy Template instead of New.

  1. Give the template a name, typically one based on the type of employee the template is for.

  1. Select the other available tabs to enter settings that apply to this type of user.

You can leave fields blank if you’d like to update some date later within the Replicon application.

Refer to About the user profile fields for more information on the available options.

  1. When you’ve selected all the settings you’d like to use, click Save.

The new template’s name will display in the list of Saved Templates in the dialog, but only while you have its folder selected as the template path.

You can now use the template to import users.

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