Adding data using a custom user import template for RIA

The Replicon Import Add-in (RIA) allows you to import users and other items into your Replicon instance using a spreadsheet. If you’ll be using RIA to import multiple batches of users with similar settings, you can create one or more custom user import templates.

Once you’ve created these templates, you can import users who will be assigned the template settings.

Changes you make using RIA cannot be reversed. Therefore, use caution when working with RIA, as it allows you to easily make changes to large amounts of live data that cannot be undone.

Making bulk changes using RIA can impact the performance of the Replicon system. If you are importing lots of data, we'd appreciate it if you'd carry out your import outside of standard business hours.

To import users using a custom template:

  1. Log in to RIA.
  2. On the Import Dashboard sheet, select GetStarted(Beta) from the DataTemplate row.

  1. In the dialog that displays, confirm that the template you want to use appears in the Saved Templates list.

If it doesn’t, click the here link and select the path for the template you want to use.

  1. Click the Import Users button.

  1. In the worksheet that displays, from the Data Template field, select the name of the template you’d like to use.

  1. Enter all the unique data for each user in the default columns.
  2. Perform the import.

For more information on carrying out a user import, refer to Adding data using RIA.


Why aren’t the templates I created listed under Saved Templates?

The path to those templates probably isn’t selected. Only templates saved to the selected location will display in the list.

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