Changing which columns display on your expense sheet

Looking for help with this feature in Polaris PSA or Polaris PPM? Check out Changing which columns display on your expense sheet in the Polaris help.

Your administrator sets up the fields available on your expense sheet.

However, some fields enabled by your administrator may not display in your expense sheet by default.

To view all available columns:

  1. Go to My Replicon > Expenses.
  2. Open an expense sheet.
  3. Click the Settings button at the bottom of the sheet. 

A dialog showing all columns available to you displays. To enable a column, click the check box next to it.

  1. Click Save.

When you add or remove columns and save the expense sheet, those changes will apply to all of your expense sheets.

You can also access hidden columns by clicking the Detail button for a row.


How does the Reimburse column work?

By default, all expenses are marked as reimbursable. If you enable the Reimburse column and an item's Reimburse check box is enabled on an expense sheet, only then will the item be considered reimbursable.

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