Assigning skills to resources

Resource management is only available with the RepliconPSM, RepliconPPM, Professional Services Automation, and Project Portfolio Management products.

Skills can help you match resources to projects. Once your administrator has set them up, you can assign skills and skill levels to resources. Then, project and resource managers can search for resources with specific skills based on the requirements of their projects.

To assign skills to a resource:

  1. Go to Projects > Resources.

Alternatively, you can access resources from the Team tab of individual projects. However, only resources already assigned to that project will be shown.

  1. Click on the resource name.

  1. Click Add Skills.

The Find Skills dialog opens.

  1. Use the text box to search by name or use the drop-down to filter skills by category.

  1. To assign a skill, enable the check box next to it. You can assign multiple skills at once.

  1. For each skill you’ve selected, you can set the skill level to indicate how advanced the resource is. Set the skill level by clicking on the star for that level, if desired.

  1. Click Assign Selected Skills.

The Skills table is updated to show the resource’s assigned skills. From this table, you can remove a skill or update the skill level.


How do I change which skills are available to assign?

Skills, skill levels, and categories are defined in the Administration section. Contact your system administrator to obtain access or request changes.

Do I have to choose a skill level?

No, you do not have to choose a skill level when assigning skills. When searching for resources by skill, every resource with that skill will be shown, regardless of their level.

Where can I see the skills assigned to every resource?

There are a number of resource reports that can be configured to include the skills and skill levels for each resource. You can also filter report data by skill or skill level.

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