Allocating a resource to a task

Resource management is only available with the RepliconPSM, RepliconPPM, Professional Services Automation, and Project Portfolio Management products.

For more detailed resource planning, you can allocate resources to individual tasks within a project, instead of to the project as a whole. When you allocate to a task, you specify what dates the resource will work on that task.

To allocate a resource to a task:

  1. Go to Projects > Resources.
  2. Find the resource in the list on the left side of the grid. Use the filters to narrow down the list.

  1. Click Show Projects underneath the resource’s name.

All of the resource’s assigned projects are shown, along with the existing allocations for those projects.

If the project you want is not shown, click Add to Project to assign the resource to the project team.

  1. Click Assign to Task underneath the project name.

  1. Enable the check box for the tasks you want to assign, if they aren’t already checked.

  1. Click Continue.
  2. For each assigned task, enter when the resource will work on the task.

  1. Click Done.

To update a task allocation, follow the same steps and edit the dates as necessary.

You can also allocate users to tasks from the Tasks tab on the project page.


Can I allocate a resource for multiple date ranges?

No, you cannot add multiple date ranges for a single task. However, you can add multiple allocations at the project level.

Can I set how much time (hrs/day or %) a resource should spend on a task?

No, you can only specify the time spent at the project level.

Can I assign resources at the project level rather than at the task level?

Yes. You can assign resources at the project level. For more information, see Allocating a resource to a project.

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