All about Replicon’s optional upgrade for departments, employee types, and timesheet periods

Back in 2020, we started offering an optional upgrade of department, employee type, and timesheet period functionality.

If you haven’t yet upgraded, you might want to consider doing so, since it has several benefits, as outlined below.

However, note that there are a few small limitations that may prevent select customers from upgrading.

To upgrade, contact your Customer Success manager or Replicon Support, and they’ll be happy to help you.

Benefits of the upgrade

Upgrading provides these benefits:

Ability to track historical department and employee type assignments


Before upgrade, if a user is moved from Department A to Department B, all of their time shows under Department B in reports.

After upgrade, you’ll be able to use effective dates to specify exactly when a change in department (or employee type) occurs, and retain a history of assignments for these fields. That means old entries will remain associated with the department that time was recorded under.

Effective dates can useful for things like ensuring exact department (or employee type) matches when selecting who to pay via the Payroll Workbench.

Ability to limit access by department and employee type

After upgrade, department and employee type become group types (in addition to the location group type already offered to non-enterprise customers).

This means, you’ll be able to limit access to users and projects by which department or employee type group they belong to.

For example, you could limit a payroll manager so they can only access to time and payroll data for users in a particular department, say Sales & Marketing.

Limiting access can improve data security and workflow flexibility, and can reduce errors.

Group targeting for notifications and in time off calendars1

After upgrade, you’ll be able to:

  • Limit which groups of users (like departments) a user can see on their time off calendar

  • Target notifications to go to specific groups of users

New options for project team assignments1

After upgrade, you’ll be able to:

  • Limit which groups of users (like departments) can be assigned to a project team

  • Control whether new team members are automatically assigned to all tasks on the project

Other small department and employee type improvements

After upgrade, you’ll be able to:

  • Create and assign sub-employee types, rather than just a single level without sub-types

  • Choose not to assign a department and employee type to a user; assignment will be optional
  • Configure employee department and location assignments in one place in their user profile, using the type of controls used elsewhere in the user profile

Improved timesheet periods

After upgrade, you’ll be able to:

  • Set up a user to have no timesheets generated during periods of extended leave
  • Manage and assign timesheet periods directly to users, rather than classifying periods under types, that are then assigned to users

  • Set options for how far in advance timesheets can be entered for each timesheet period setup, allowing different configurations for different sets of users

Limitations of the upgrade

Most of these limitations are minor changes in functionally, resulting from departments and employee types being based on groups. They should not prevent the majority of customers from upgrading.

Customizations may require updates

If you have customizations involving departments, employee types, or timesheet periods, they may require enhancement before upgrade.

After upgrading, you’ll see the following:

Related custom fields are no longer offered

Custom fields are no longer available for departments and employee types

Some projects are unavailable on expense sheets

If a user is assigned to a project team via departments or employee types, that project will no longer be available for selection on expense sheets

You can work around this by assigning users to those projects as individual resources

Some columns and filtering options have been updated or removed

  • In some lists, like the User list, the option to select multiple departments at once is no longer available
  • The Include sub-departments option has been removed, since sub-departments are automatically included when a parent department is selected in a filter
  • The Department filter is no longer available when scheduling a report or adding users to the time off calendar; instead, you can search for individual users by name
  • The Department filter is no longer available on the Team > Time Punches page
  • The Department and Employee Type columns on timesheet list pages are no longer available
  • Some column and filter settings aren’t saved

Department report is retired, and some column names have changed

  • The Department report template, which listed departments available in the system, is no longer available
  • Column names in some reports have changed for consistency with other user groups. For example, "User Department Name" is now "Department Name (Current)"

Activities are assigned in user profiles

Assignment of activities via the Add/Edit Activities page is no longer available. Instead, activities can be assigned to users via their user profiles.

Multi-language broadcast messages are no longer supported

The ability to send a broadcast notification to users in multiple languages at once is no longer available.

1) Available in select products only.