Accessing the details of the services

Information on the Replicon services and operations is accessible as part of the application. You can access a list of services and their operations. Once you have located a suitable operation, you can see the fields it includes.

Viewing the available services and operations

To find out what services and operations are available, as well as the parameters they support:

  1. Log in to Replicon.
  2. In the browser address bar, remove everything after .com and replace it with /services/help/all. For example, if your URL is:

Change it to:

You will see a list of available services.

A handful of services are accessed by replacing everything that follows with /security/help/all, so the new URL reads something like:

  1. Click on a service name to see a list of operations for that service, and the format and parameters required for each operation.

Viewing the fields for each operation

To view the fields supported by an operation, click on the operation name.

There are three tabs available for each operation:

  • Fields

Shows all of the supported fields and their types. Where available, click the + icon next to the field name to show the details of more complex fields.

This tab can help you confirm required fields and their formats. Enter values in the fields and click Submit to execute the operation.

  • JSON

Shows the JSON data for the operation, based on the values you have entered in the Fields tab.

  • Raw

Allows you to enter the JSON data and execute the operation. This tab is useful for testing during development.