Web TimeSheet can integrate with third party solutions in 3 different ways:
Live data transfer:
Live data transfer allows Web TimeSheet to directly communicate with the third party solution. It transfers the data using the Integration application manager. Data transfer happens in real time and the user can watch it while it's getting updated in the third party software.

Web TimeSheet offers live data integration for the below third party software:
Microsoft Project (Standard / Server) edition

Flat File export:
It is actually a report that has been formatted based on the requirements of the third party solution. This report is generated within Web TimeSheet and exported to a flat file. Flat file is a text file that can be opened either in a notepad or excel as well as imported into the third party solution. Import function must be available in the third party solution. 
If you like to integrate Web TimeSheet with a version of QuickBooks that is not supported by Replicon Integration application, then you can use flat file export. These exports are available under the 'Integrations' tab of Web TimeSheet.

XML Web services:
XML Web Services allows an organization to build a utility that communicates directly with Web TimeSheet’s API (Application Programming Interface) and a third party solution. This integration option is available to companies that want to develop their own integration utility, where the data is transferred live.
To use the XML Web Services option, a customer must have access to the Web TimeSheet client library, client library contains the data necessary to communicate with the Web Timesheet API, which is provided free of charge.

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