This error occurs while transferring projects from Web TimeSheet to Web Resource using the integration module available in Web Resource.
You may not require a project leader in Web TimeSheet to be assigned with the Project Leader permission in Web Resource. In such a scenario, when you transfer projects to Web Resource using the integration tool, Web Resource will throw the above mentioned error to inform that the project leader for the Web TimeSheet project you are trying to transfer is not a project leader in Web Resource.


  • Assign the Project leader permission by editing the Project Leader's profile in Web Resource.
  • To enable Project Leader permission to the resource, please follow the below steps.
  • Click on Resources menu.
  • Select List Resources.
  • Find the user by searching the first name or the last name in the Contains field in the Resource Name section
  • Click on the edit icon beside the user name, the View Resource screen will be displayed
  • In the section which contains the user name click on the Edit button
  • In the Edit Resource screen, enable the check box next to the Project Leader.
  • Click Save.
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