How to change the hours in the Payroll Report from Decimal to HH:MM format?

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Any report when ran will show hours in decimal. If the report is extracted to an Excel file and exported to any other financial software, it will transfer the hours in decimal and not in hours:minutes. This means, that the time transferred will be more than actual because 00:30 will show 0.50 in a report and the financial software will read it as 50 minutes.

To resolve this issue, create a custom column such that it converts the hours from decimal to hours:minutes and then export it to an Excel file so that the correct time can be imported. To create the custom column, follow the steps given below:

  • Open the report and click on Settings.
  • Within the Column tab, scroll down and click on Add below Custom Column.
  • Give a name to the custom column and paste the following formula within the body of the custom column.

Left(NumberToText(Hours), Len(NumberToText(Hours))-3) +"."+

  • Click on Save and Run.


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