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Setting up rates for a project

Rates are used to calculate billing amounts if the project uses a Time Billing plan; you don’t need to assign rates if the project’s bill plan isn’t Time-based.

There are three types of rates:

  • Project rate - default rate, used if no other rates are assigned to a resource
  • Role rate - associated with roles that resources can be assigned
  • Resource rate - a rate associated with a specific resource

Each resource will be billed using the most specific rate available to them. That is:

  1. If a user rate is assigned to a resource, they’ll be billed at that rate.
  2. If no user rate is assigned, and their assigned role is enabled for the project, they’ll be billed at their role rate.
  3. If neither a user rate nor their role rate is available, they’ll be billed at the project rate.

To add a rate that can be used for the project:

  1. Click the Edit button located at the top, right-hand corner of the page.

  2. Click + Rate Type, and select a type.

  1. For resource rates, select the resource name. For role rates, select the role.

  1. In the Billing Rate field, add the rate for that resource/role/project.

  1. You can add additional rates, for each resource/role/project by clicking the  icon:

Or, rates for additional resources/roles by clicking the + Add Rate icon:

Each new rate you add must be associated with an effective date, when that rate will replace the rate that's in effect for that type.


Why can’t I click Save in the rate card?

Check that no empty rows display for rates – empty rows prevent you from saving changes.