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Setting up and assigning project roles

Each project resource can be assigned one primary and multiple additional project role.

But, before you can assign project roles to resources, you first need to create those roles in Polaris, along with their associated default rates and statuses.

Project managers can customize role rates (for example, update the billing rate) on a per project basis.

What are roles used for?

Project roles are used in billing and costing, in SmartBudget, and in resourcing. In resourcing, the primary role is allotted a 100% match for the role criterion, when matching with SmartMatch. On the other hand, additional roles are weighted more lightly, and are assigned a 75% match score, for the role criterion.

How do we assign roles to resources?

You can assign roles to resources in both their user profile and their resource profile.

To add a role:

  1. Go to Administration > Employees and OrganizationProject Roles.
  2. Click the + Add Project Role button.
  3. Enter a name and description.
  4. Enter default hourly cost and billing rates, and a default target utilization percentage for the role.
  5. Choose whether the role is billable or non-billable, enabled or not. And add skills that will be associated with the role by default, if desired.
  6. Click +Add Project Role.

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