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Integrating with Polaris

Polaris offers several integration options to get your data into and out of Polaris on a regular basis:

Out of the box project and billing integrations

Polaris offers a number of integration options that allow you to transfer project data to and from external systems.

Integration Description
Concur The Concur integration allows you to capture expenses in Concur and transfer that data to Polaris for seamless and accurate client billing or project costing.
Jira Polaris’ Jira integration allows you to easily transfer employees from Polaris to Jira, and projects and issues from Jira to Polaris. Issues are saved in Polaris as tasks. Then, you can use Polaris to plan work, track progress, and bill clients.
Microsoft Project Our Microsoft Project add-in allows you to transfer projects, along with their tasks and assignments, from Microsoft Project to Polaris. Users can then enter time in Polaris and the data is transferred back to Microsoft Project as actuals.
QuickBooks Online Our QuickBooks integrations allow you to use Polaris to track time and expenses against projects and then transfer the data to QuickBooks for client billing.
Sage Financials Polaris’s Sage Financials integration allows you to easily transfer accounts, opportunities, and users from Sage Financials to Polaris. Once opportunities are transferred, you can use Replicon to plan the work, track progress, and bill clients.
Sage Intacct With Polaris’ Sage Intacct integration, you can transfer customers and projects from Sage Intacct to Polaris, where they can be used to plan work, track progress, and create invoices. You can also transfer Polaris invoices back to Sage Intacct as sales invoices that you can use for billing.
Salesforce With the Salesforce integration, accounts and opportunities can be automatically transferred to Replicon as clients and projects. Once transferred, you can use Replicon to plan task and resources and forecast costs and billing.
ServiceNow Polaris' ServiceNow integration allows you to create incidents in ServiceNow and transfer them to Polaris for time tracking.
Xero With our Xero integration, you can track time and expenses in Replicon and easily transfer the invoice data to Xero for billing and payment processing.
Zendesk With our Zendesk integration, you can transfer organizations to Polaris as clients, and transfer tickets as projects. Then, employees can track time and expenses against those projects and expenses, and you can use Polaris to track project progress and carry out billing.

CSV integrations

If none of our out of the box options meet your requirements, we may be able to set up a CSV integration for you. CSV integrations can work in either or both directions, and can work with a wide range of third party tools.

If you’re interested in having a CSV integration set up, contact your Customer Success manager, your implementation specialist, or Replicon Support. They’ll ask you to complete a spreadsheet, indicating what data you need transferred.

Web services integrations

If none of our other integration options meets your requirements, custom integrations can be developed using Replicon's API.

Our web services are accessible by our customers, so you can either create your own integrations, or contract Replicon to create an integration for you.

Contact Replicon Support for more information.

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