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Assigning resources to a task

Once a resource is allocated to your project and you’ve created tasks for the project, you can assign them as a task owner within that project.

The task owner is the only resource who can complete and submit SmartBeats for a task. You can consider them the team leader for that task, who knows what the rest of the team is doing, and directs their work.

Each task can only have one task owner. However, you can add additional resources to a task who are only allowed to record their hours worked on the task in timesheets, and cannot use SmartBeats.

To assign a task owner to a task:

  1. Ensure the resource is one you’ve accepted for this project.
  2. Add a task, and ensure you’ve clicked the Edit located in the top, right-hand corner of the page.

  1. In the Add Task To: dialog, from the Task Owner field, select the name of the resource to assign the task to.

Or, if you’re editing an existing task, in the Assigned to column for the task, click + owner and select the resource’s name. (Or, if you’re changing the resource assigned, click the name of the current resource.)

  1. You can move the task by clicking and dragging the task bar.

  1. You can shorten or lengthen a task's duration by hovering over one end of the bar, then clicking and dragging the dotted line that appears.

All users with Project Resource permission are automatically assigned to new projects and tasks you create, and will be able to record time against the task in their timesheets.

Their hours will be billed at the rates assigned in the project’s rates.


Why can't a resource I've added to a task enter time against it?

Check the project's status, since it can determine whether or not time can be entered. Depending on how your system is configured, time entry may be limited to the Execution phase.

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