What is a broadcast message?

A broadcast message is an email sent from within Replicon to every Replicon user in your organization. Note that in some editions, you can target the message to specific departments or other groups only.

Messages are sent to each user's email address, as recorded in their user profile, and are a good way to target Replicon users when you need to communicate information about Replicon.

You can use broadcast messages to notifying users about:

  • Where to log in to Replicon
  • System upgrades
  • Tmesheet changes, or
  • Project statuses

If your organization uses multiple languages, you can create a message in each language you use. The message will be simultaneously sent to users, in the language each user is set to use.

To sent a broadcast message:

  1. Go to Administration > Notifications System > Broadcast.
  2. Update the address in the Reply To field, and select the department or other group to target, if applicable.
  3. Draft a subject and body for the message, in each language you use. 
  4. Click Send.

The message will be sent to all users with email addresses, in your whole organization or just in the department you targeted, if applicable.


Are my sent messages saved somewhere?

Only the last message you sent will be saved in the interface, though if you have an account with an email in Replicon, you should receive a copy of each message you send.

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