What does 'cloud-based' mean? How is it different from SaaS and ASP?

The concepts of cloud computing, software-as-a-service (SaaS), and Application Service Provider (ASP) are all related, though they are all different.

Cloud computing is a network of standardized building blocks used to build the infrastructure to host applications. But, this model isn't limited to application sharing; it encompasses networks, servers, storage, and services, in addition to applications.

SaaS is one type of cloud computing, where an application is provided as a service that customers typically pay for by subscription. Customers don't own the software. In this model, the software is hosted by the SaaS provider, pre-configured, and the customer installs nothing. With SaaS, all customers typically get the same functionality and the same service level agreement (SLA).

ASP is similar to SaaS in that it involves hosting software. But, ASP implementations tend to involve customized hosting of a third-party application, not owned by the host, whereas with SaaS software is typically not customized, and is owned by the host company.

Replicon uses a cloud-based model that aligns closely with SaaS. However, we do provide some degree of customization of our products, usually involving integrations.

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