Setting up expense codes

Looking for help with this feature in Polaris PSA or Polaris PPM? Check out Setting up expense codes in the Polaris help.

Expense codes specify the types of costs that can be incurred for business activities and purchases in your organization. Meals, Parking, and Airfare are examples of expense codes.

To add an expense code:

  1. Go to Administration > Expenses > Expense Codes.
  2. Click Add Expense Code.
  3. Give the expense code a name and complete the other fields.
  4. Click Save.

Your new expense code is now available for use. If you want to use the code with a project, you must first add it to  the project.

About the key fields

Field name

This field...


Specifies whether the code is based on an expense rate (for example, mileage) or a flat amount (for example, hotel)

Expense Rate

Only applies to rate-based expense codes. Defines the expense code's rate, including a currency, and the unit to which that rate applies.

For example, if you are entering an expense code for mileage, the rate might be $.80 per mile.

Gross to Net Formula

Only applies to flat-rate expense codes. Determines how Replicon calculates the net amount (pre-tax) if a user enters the gross amount (total expense amount, including tax) for an expense.

Refer to What is the Gross to Net formula? for more information on creating this formula.

Tax Codes

Associates one or more tax codes with the expense code. Replicon will use the tax code’s formula to calculate the gross amount (total expense amount, including tax) if a user enters the net (pre-tax) for an expense.

If you include multiple tax codes, each tax amount will be calculated independently based on the net amount, and added to that amount.

The tax formulas that appear by default were defined when you set up the tax code. You can customize this formula for the expense code, if necessary. Any edits you make will apply only to that expense code; the original tax formula set for the tax code will remain unchanged.


What happens if we don’t enter a Gross to Net formula or tax codes for an expense?

If you don’t enter a Gross to Net formula and a user enters a total amount for an expense, Replicon will use the total expense amount as the net (pre-tax) expense amount. Users can update the tax and net amount fields manually, if necessary, to make the net amount correct.

If you don’t select a tax code, the pre-tax amount a user enters will be used as the total expense amount.

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