Reviewing the billing status of a client

To ensure your cash flow stays optimal, you can track billing for each client, including amounts that haven’t been billed and those that are awaiting payment. You can use the Billing Summary page to see a summary of the billing amounts by client.

Viewing billable totals for each client

To view the billing status of each client, go to Billing > Billing Summary.

For each client you can see the amounts that are available for invoicing and those that have already been invoiced, including:

  • Approved billable hours
  • Billable amounts for Time & Materials project, based on the approved billable hours and billing rates entered against those projects
  • Billable amounts for Fixed Bid projects, based on the billing schedule entered in each project
  • Approved billable expenses

To see a further breakdown of the invoiced amounts, click the  icon and enable the columns for the following statuses:

  • Not Invoiced – Amounts have not been added to an invoice
  • Draft – Amounts on invoices that have not been issued to a client
  • Issued – Amounts on invoices that have been issued to the client, but have not yet been paid
  • Paid – Amounts on invoices that have been paid

You can also access the details of billable amounts in billing reports.

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