Reviewing payroll data using the Payroll Workbench

When the Payroll Workbench is enabled, the Employee Pay Details and Export pages will no longer be available.

If you use Employee Pay Details to review and download payroll data, you can now do those things using the Payroll Workbench by following these steps:

  1. Set your filters.

The payroll workbench offers some new filters you can use to select data for export.

  1. Choose your columns.

Your latest column selections should be retained. If you need to add or remove columns, click the  icon on the right-hand side of the page, then select the pay codes you’d like to view or export, and any other columns. Note that many new fields can be included as columns.

Your pay codes might appear in a different order than before, but we’ll be adding the ability to choose the column order soon.

  1. Refresh data.

When you select new filter or column settings, updated data doesn’t display automatically. You’ll need to click the Refresh Data button to see changes.


  1. Download CSV.

Click Download CSV to generate a CSV file that exactly matches the data displayed in the data grid.

The Payroll Workbench allows you to do some things you couldn’t do with the Employee Pay Details page. You can:

  • Limit data to approved time

The Approval Status filter makes it easy to exclude everything but approved time from an export.

  • Break pay data down by date, timesheet period, or approval status

When you select each of these fields as grid columns, new rows will display as the data on view is broken down by each category.

  • Create a record of what was exported

If you want to track what was exported, you can click Create Pay Run, and a snapshot of the data you’ve selected will be saved.

  • Filter for data that wasn’t previously exported

If you’re tracking exports by creating pay runs and you select None from the Pay Run Status filter, only data you haven’t exported will display in the data grid.

  • Download the data in different formats

File formats for a few different payroll providers are available out of the box, or Replicon can easily create new formats, if needed.

If you have questions, feel free to contact Replicon Support by selecting this link, or by posting in our community. We’ve created a special section in the community for questions and feedback on the Payroll Workbench.

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