Making adjustments to users' time off balances

Payroll managers may be allowed to make manual adjustments to users' time off balances, rather than relying on time off polices to change allotments.

This ability may be useful in a couple of scenarios:

  • To easily grant one-time awards of time off
  • To make corrections to time off before carrying out payroll

Whenever possible, managers should grant time off using assigned time off policies, rather than make ad hoc changes, to ensure your company's time off policies are respected.

Payroll managers must be assigned Make Time Off Balance Adjustments permission in their permission policy to carry out this procedure.

To alter a user's time off balance:

  1. Go to Payroll > Time Off.
  2. Select the Time Off Balances tab.

  1. Choose the name of the user whose balance you wish to adjust.

  1. Click the Add Adjustment button.

  1. In the bubble that displays, add the adjustment amount and the reason for the adjustment.

Include a minus sign (-) before the amount to subtract time off from the existing balance.

  1. Click Add Adjustment.


Why don't I see the Add Adjustment button?

You probably haven't been assigned the required permission. Talk to your Replicon administrator if you think you should be able to adjust time off balances.

Does this create a time off booking that needs approval?

No. Adjustments don't require approval, and don't generate a booking.

Can I make an adjustment effective as of a future or past date?

No. Any adjustments you make update the user's balance immediately.

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