Emailing and printing reports

Looking for help with this feature in Polaris? Check out Emailing and printing reports in the Polaris help.

You can email and print any reports you have access to. You don’t need to run a report before emailing it, but you do need to run it before the print option will become available.

Emailing a report

You can you email a report one time only. Or, you can schedule reports to be sent automatically on a regular basis.

To email a report once:

  1. Go to Reports, and open the report you want to email.
  2. Click the  icon located in the top, right-hand corner of the report page.

An Email Report dialog displays.

  1. Complete the fields.
  2. Click Send.

The email will be sent on the specified date, with the message title <Report name> Report from Replicon.

About the Email Report fields

Field name

This field...

Send Report To

Specifies the report recipients. Some or all of the following options may be available:

  • Internal Address
    Sends the report to your email address, as specified in your Replicon user profile
  • Other
    Sends the report the the address you enter

  • All the users listed in the report
    Sends the report to all users listed in the User Name field in the report. Check the Send entire report output to each recipient check box for users to receive all data in the report, based on your permissions. If you deselect this option, they’ll only see their own user data.


Specifies text that displays in the body of the email. You can leave this blank, if desired.

“Please see attached report” displays beneath any message you include.

Report Format

Determines the format of the report, either PDF or Excel.

If you select Excel, the report will be sent to all recipients in your chosen Excel file format (.csv or .xsl).

Send Date

Select the date when the report will be sent.

If you choose today’s date, the report will be queued immediately and sent as soon as possible.

Printing a report

To print a report:

  1. Go to Reports, and open the report you want to print.
  2. Click Run Report.

  1. Click the  icon that appears at the top, right-hand corner of the report page.

  1. Configure your printer’s options, and print the document.

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