Can we assign new team members to all tasks by default?

Yes, the When Adding Team Members option, available under the Project Info button for each project, allows you to choose whether any new team member added is assigned all existing tasks for the project.

There are two options:

  • Do not assign them to all tasks

With this option, team members added to a project won't be assigned any tasks. This is the default that applies to all projects by default, though administrators can update the default.

  • Assign them to all tasks

With this option, team members added to a project will be automatically assigned to all tasks that already exist for that project.

When using either option, any tasks created after team members are added are automatically assigned to the entire team. That is, the Do not assign them to all tasks option only applies to newly added team members, not when tasks are added.

Changing the default

Administrators can choose to change the default in effect for each new project, if they want to. Project managers can still update the setting on a per-project basis.

If you plan to update the default, remember that it is a global setting that applies to all projects, so ensure all project managers are aware before you change things.

To change the default:

  1. Go to Administration > Projects > Project Settings.
  2. In the Defaults for New Projects section, click the When Adding Team Members drop-down field, and select the new option.

This change should save automatically.

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