A validation displays on a user’s timesheet, but they can still submit it

If you want validation errors or warnings to block submission of timesheets, but users can still submit timesheets that include validation issues, there are two possible reasons for this:

  • The validation is an error, and you don’t have the Errors Prevent Submission workflow condition set up
  • The validation is a warning, and you don’t have the Warnings Prevent Submission workflow condition set up

To address this issue:

  1. Note the whether the validation rules seen in the timesheet are warnings or errors.

Or visit Administration > Timesheets > Timesheet Validation Rules to check the rule’s error/warning status.
  1. Go to Administration > Employees and Organization > Users.
  2. Select the timesheet owner’s name, click Timesheets, and note which timesheet template that user is assigned.
  3. Go to Administration > Timesheets > Timesheet Templates and open that template.
  4. In the Workflow Conditions section:
    • Enable Errors Prevent Submission if the validations are errors, or
    • Enable Warnings Prevent Submission if the validations are warnings
You can enable both conditions, if you want all validations to block submission.


Should we change the warning/error status of the validation rules themselves?

You can update the warning/error status of validation rules by going to Administration > Timesheets > Timesheet Validation Rules, selecting the rule, and choosing the desired option. But, remember this will affect all users assigned that rule, even if they use a different timesheet template.

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