It is possible that vendors can use the Corporate Credit card provided by their company to incur major expenses to the Customer in the process of getting a job done. Such a situation is a perfect example of option 'Billable' to client and 'Non-Reimburse' option to company for which the expenses are raised. This is how it would most typically be entered in the Expense sheet in Web TimeSheet. Currently the Integration available in Web TimeSheet can Integrate the following types of data,

  • Time data for Billing and Payroll purpose.
  • Expense data for Vendor Bill purpose. (not for Credit Card)
  • Client Invoice for Time and Expenses (Vendor bill) data.


In the Web TimeSheet:

  • The alternative is to use the Expense Raw data Exports. Web TimeSheet can be set up the following way to capture Credit Card expenses.
  • Set up Expense User Defined Field with Yes or No drop down options. Default value is No. (Please refer to the attached screen shot). One can also make this as a mandatory option if required.
  • Users need to pick the option Yes when they use company's Credit Card while entering Expenses in Web TimeSheet.
  • Also note, that the users will select Billable to client and Non-Reimburse options on the Expense sheet in Web TimeSheet.


In the QuickBooks integration manager:

  • Click on Expense Raw Data Exports under Integrations tab available.
  • Include the User Defined Field as a Filter in the report. (Please refer to the attached screen shot)
  • Select the Filter to Yes Transactions to filter out only Credit Card use.
  • Select other Fields as appropriate to be included in the export.
  • Click on Export button to have all these data in the CSV file.
  • Check with Intuit a way to Import this CSV file data in to QuickBooks for Credit Cards usage.

If there are very less Credit Card entries by Vendors, they can also be manually entered in QuickBooks Credit card usage directly under Banking menu and Enter Credit Card Charges option.

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