As some types of Web TimeSheet data are dependent on others, it is important to add data to Web TimeSheet in a specific order. For example, before adding users, departments should be in place so they can be assigned to the user as they are being created. To ensure a smooth and efficient import, it is recommended that you import data in the following order:

1. Clients (Project & Billing Edition only)
2. Departments
3. Employee Types
4. Holiday Calendars
5. Pay Codes (Time & Attendance Edition only)
6. Time Off Types (Time & Attendance Edition only)
7. Permissions
8. Currencies, and associated exchange rates
9. Activities
10. User Basics (including external users in Project & Billing Edition)
11. User Details
      a. Department assignments
      b. Activity assignments
      c. Time off type enabling (Time & Attendance Edition only)
12. Tax Codes (Expenses only)
13. Expense Codes (Expenses only)
14. Roles (Project & Billing Edition only)
15. Project Basics (Project & Billing Edition only)
16. Project Details (Project & Billing Edition only)
      a. Client assignments (and associated allocations)
      b. Department assignments
      c. Expense code enabling
17. Project Tasks (Project & Billing Edition only)
18. Project Team and Task Assignments (Project & Billing Edition only)
      a. Project team creation
      b. Task assignments
19. Project Billing (Project & Billing Edition only)
      a. Role assignments
      b. Rate assignments
      c. Rate type enabling
20. Time Off Bookings (Time & Attendance Edition only)
21. Project-Based Timesheets (Project & Billing Edition only)
22. Timesheets not based on projects (Time & Attendance Edition only)

The data can all be included in the same import file, but the items should be included in the import file in the order shown above.

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