A Web TimeSheet user has Expenses permission enabled in his user profile. The user also has CSV Import option enabled under Integration in the permission. When the user clicks on the Integration tab in the top menu of Web TimeSheet, the application displays the following error message.

ERROR -"You do not have add and edit permissions for any of the things that CSV Import can be used to change.  Please talk to your administrator about getting add and edit permissions for what you want to import"

This usually happens when the user does not have permission to access Historical data.
(CSV Import is the feature which enables an individual to Import Current and Historical Data onto Web TimeSheet.)

You have to modify the Permission assigned to the user and grant access to Historical Data. Follow the steps below to enable Historical Expenses.

  • Login as Administrator
  • Click on Permissions under Users/Departments section in side menu.
  • Select Expenses (Permission)
  • Expand Administration by clicking on the + sign beside it.
  • Enable Submit option under Historical Expenses (refer the picture given below)
  • Save the settings.

The above mentioned steps enables user to only view and submit Historical Expenses however user will not have access to Approve/Reject/Reopen, or Delete expenses.

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