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Submitting your timesheet for approval

Once you’ve finished entering data in a timesheet, you’ll need to submit it so that your hours can be approved by your assigned timesheet approvers.

To submit a timesheet, click the Submit button located at the top, left-hand corner of the timesheet.

Or, you can submit multiple timesheets at once from the My Work > Timesheet > See all timesheets page.

If you are submitting a timesheet that was reopened, the button will read Resubmit, and you may be prompted to give a reason why you are submitting it again.

Your administrator may have set your timesheet to be submitted automatically on its due date. If this is the case, you never have to submit it manually.


When is my timesheet due?

A timesheet’s due date is indicated in its top, left-hand corner.

You will also typically be sent an email reminder when your timesheet is due.

Do I need to save my timesheet before submitting it?

If you try to submit a timesheet that includes unsaved changes, those changes will be saved automatically.

How will I know if my timesheet was approved?

A timesheet will be marked with a status of Approved if it has been approved.

What does it mean if the status shows Submitting...?

When you submit your timesheet, the system validates the time entries based on criteria your administrator has set. While this validation occurs, the status is set to Submitting.... Typically, this process only takes a short time, but occasionally it can take a bit longer.

Once the validation successfully completes, the status automatically updates to Waiting for Approval and the timesheet is sent to your approvers. If any of the validation criteria are not met, an error is shown on the timesheet and the status returns to Not Submitted.

How do I make changes to my timesheet after submitting it?

See How do I correct my timesheet after I've submitted it?

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