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How do I correct my timesheet after I've submitted it?

If you are allowed to correct a timesheet after submission, it will have a Reopen button in its top, left-hand corner.

To edit a timesheet:

  1. Open the timesheet, and click the Reopen button.
  2. In the window that displays, enter the reason why you’re reopening the timesheet.

  1. Make changes to the timesheet.
  2. Click Resubmit.

You may be required to give a reason why you’re resubmitting the timesheet.

If you don’t see a Reopen button on your timesheet, but you know that the timesheet includes an error, talk to your supervisor.


Why am I allowed to reopen certain timesheets, but not others?

You may have permission to reopen timesheets that are awaiting approval, but not ones that have already been approved.

How do I edit a time off booking after I have submitted it?

To edit a time off booking, go to your Time Off tab. You may not have permission to edit time off that is in certain states, such as bookings that occurred in the past, or that have already been approved. If this is the case, contact your administrator.

Can I reopen individual time entries, or a time entry workflow timesheet?

You may be able to reopen either or both of those things, if you use a time entry workflow timesheet. Find out more on the Submitting timesheet entries ahead of timesheet submission topic.

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