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Setting up invoice templates

In Polaris, you can set up multiple invoice templates to use when invoicing your clients. You can customize these templates for specific scenarios – say, you need one template for your US customers, and a different one for Canadian customers.

You can customize the text and graphics that appear in the header and footer. Plus, you can choose an accent color for each template, to help differentiate templates, and to ensure invoices match your company's brand colors.

You can select a default template using the Default Invoice Template field at the top of the page.

To set up an invoicing template:

  1. Go to Administration > Projects > Invoice Templates.
  2. Click Add Invoice Template or click the name of an existing template to open it for editing.

The template displays. A dotted line displays around sections of the template that can be customized.

Click an outlined section or image to add your text or upload your own images. You can update:

  • The logo
  • Header content (typically phone number and address appear here)
  • Notes to customer
  • Payment instructions
  • Footer text and image
  1. To add an accent color, click the circle next to Accent Color, and choose a color, or click Show more to enter or select a custom color.

The invoice headings (Invoice # and Invoice To), total and subtotals will display using this color.

    1. Ensure the Status field above the template is set to Enabled, so this template can be used.
    2. Click Save Invoice Template or Add Invoice Template.

The template will now be available to select when users create invoices.


If we disable a template, will invoices that use that template still use it?

Yes. Any template that has been applied to an invoice will continue to be applied to it, even if the template is disabled.

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