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Searching and filtering lists

To help you quickly find the items you’re looking for, Polaris allows you to search and filter each list that displays in the application. This applies to lists of users, timesheets, time off bookings, expenses, projects, programs, clients, invoices, and more.

Polaris includes two key types of filters: search filters and status filters.

Search filters

Search filters filter the list by the criteria you select. On some pages, all of the search filters are listed horizontally. On other pages, there is a single search box. When you click in the box, you will see a the search filters listed vertically. In both cases, you can use multiple filters at once.


Enter search text to easily find the criteria you want to filter by, and then select the search criteria.


In some filters, no drop-down options are available. To use these filters, enter a search term. The list will update as you enter filter text.

In the Administration section, you can filter lists to exclude disabled items by deselecting the Show Disabled… check box located in the top, right-hand corner of list pages. In the case of the Users page, you can choose to show only enabled users, only disabled users, or all users.


Status filters

Status filters filter by the status of the items in the list. Click a status to filter the list by that status.

The status in question depends on the list in view – the status could, for example, be an item’s approval status, a project’s completion status, or an item’s billing status.

Status filters also provide a scannable overview of how many items match each status.

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