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Help Administrators

Running administrator reports

You may need to use reports to:

  • Confirm user settings are correct
  • Monitor who has logged into the system, and when
  • View custom user and department data
  • Check what user substitutions are in effect

Key reports of interest to administrators

Default report name

Common uses for the report

Template it’s based on

User Details

Identify and confirm what settings and products are in effect in each user’s profile


User Login Activity

Determine who accessed the Replicon system, and when


Key fields of interest to administrators

For information on what fields are available in each report, refer to the Replicon Reports Field Matrix.

Field Name


Template it’s available in

Department Name w/ full path

Shows all hierarchical levels of a user’s assigned department


Login Time

Shows the time when a user accessed Replicon


Permission Name

Displays all permission sets assigned to the user.

Use in combination with the Permission Name filter to show only the users who are assigned permission sets you select.


Substitute User Name

Substitution Start Date

Substitution End Date

Shows the name of an assigned substitute user, and the start and end dates of their period of substitution


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