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Reopening a timesheet

If you need to edit one of your reports' timesheets, but it has already been approved, you must reopen it first.

Reopening sets the timesheet back to the unsubmitted state. Once you've made corrections, you can submit the timesheet for approval or bypass regular approvals.

Note: You need supervisor permissions to reopen a timesheet.

To reopen a timesheet:

  1. Go to My Team > Timesheets.
  2. Enable the check box next to the timesheet (or timesheets) you want to reopen.

  1. Click the Reopen button.

  1. In the Reopen Timesheet dialog that displays, enter comments explaining why you are reopening the timesheet. Click Reopen.

The item is now in an unsubmitted state and can be edited directly. Once you’ve completed your edits, you can submit it or bypass regular approvals.


Can I reopen an approved timesheet that's been included on an invoice?

If you have reopen permissions, you can.

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