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How do cost and billing managers manage timesheets in Polaris?

If you've moved to Polaris from Replicon, you've probably noticed that Polaris doesn't include a Cost or Billing side menu.

Refer to TimeBill Plus features that aren't available in Polaris for more information on differences between Polaris and Replicon.

Accessing cost and billing features in Polaris

Billing managers can view billing data using the Financials > Billing & Invoicing tab.

They can create bills (or invoices) from the Available to Bill tab.

Some cost data is available on the Financials > Overview page, though cost managers can find more data in reports.

Can cost and billing managers manage timesheets?

Cost and billing managers cannot directly manage (e.g. edit, delete) timesheets in Polaris; only approvers and supervisors have permission to manage timesheets.

Speak to your Customer Success manager if cost or billing managers need direct access to manage reports.

About the cost and billing in reports in Polaris

If you're looking for cost or billing information in reports, all of the Replicon cost and billing reports are available in Polaris, plus Polaris offers these additional reports:

  • Billing Details
  • Bill Plan Details
  • Revenue, Cost, and Resource Summary