Tracking and viewing schedules

This topic relates to our new job-scheduling feature. If you're looking for help with our older scheduling functionality, please refer to Scheduling your employees (legacy scheduling).

Replicon provides a couple of ways to view and monitor shift schedules, and worker adherence to them.

Job View and Employee View pages

You can use the scheduling pages to keep track of what workers are assigned to.

In particular, the Employee View page shows shifts from each user’s perspective. So, you can use it to tweak schedules when user’s come to you needing changes.

You can also see both views at the same time by clicking the tab, located in the top, right-hand corner of either page.

Attendance Monitoring tool

Schedule managers can keep track of whose adhering to schedules using the Attendance Monitoring tool on the Overview (Home) page.

You can monitor the current shift, plus the previous and next shift, in the current day, and you can track employees by their work status, such as whether they are currently working, if they were late, or if they are on break.

Plus, you can also use the tool to easily find replacements for absent employees.

Refer to Monitoring your employees’ adherence to shift schedules for more details.


In Replicon reports, you can use the Shift Assignment template to view and share shift-related data, such as the shift name, code, date, start and end times, plus the total work and breaks, publish status, and assigned user.