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Viewing, editing, and accepting SmartBeats

To keep up to date on the status of your projects, you’ll need to review and accept SmartBeats that task owners submit to you.

If you think the data a resource has included in a beat is inaccurate, you can edit certain fields before accepting the beat.

Refer to All about SmartBeats for more information on how SmartBeats work.

To view, edit, and accept a beat:

Tasks are only released for users to record their work against when you’ve set the project status to Execution.
  1. Go to SmartBeats > Pending.
  2. For a task, review the contents of the fields in that row.
  3. If you need to correct something, click Edit, and make the change in the new row that displays.

The adjustment will show in the row.

  1. Click the Accept link at the end of the row.

Accepted beats move to the Accepted tab.

Searching and filtering beats

To limit the list of beats, use the Search field, or click the icon to filter beats by words included in beat names, beat owner (user), project, quality setting, or whether they include comments.

Accepting multiple beats at once

To accept multiple beats at once, select the check box for each beat, then click the mass Accept button, located in the top, right-hand corner of the page.

SmartBeat fields

Field name



Number of hours the resource worked on the task that day

Work Remaining

Number of additional hours the resource estimates will be required to complete the task

Estimated Completion Date

The date the resource estimates they will complete the task

Estimated Hours At Completion

This value is automatically calculated using this formula:

Total hours worked to date + Work Remaining estimate from the SmartBeat

If you add an earlier beat for the task that adds work hours, this value will update based on the additional hours worked, even if this beat was already accepted.


The resource’s comments on the status or progress of the project.

The resource can also select a color-coded symbol to represent their feelings about the task’s status.


Mark tasks that are complete as Done. This officially closes the task.

You can only mark a task as done once the resource has set the task to Done on their My SmartBeats page.


If I miss accepting a lot of beats, can I just accept the latest?

You need to accept all of them. You can accept multiple beats at once.

What happens if a resource misses submitting a beat?

If a resource misses submitting a beat, we recommend they don’t add it retroactively. Beats are most accurate and most useful if they apply only to that day’s work.

They must be sure to add hours for that day to their timesheet manually.

Why can’t I move the Done toggle?

You can only move the toggle to Done if the task owner has already moved it to Done.

Why aren’t tasks appearing on the task owner’s My SmartBeats page?

Ensure the project is set to the Execution status.

How quickly do I have to accept? Is there a deadline?

No deadline is enforced, but you should accept a beat before the next beat for that task is sent, if possible, since the goal is to receive and view daily beats.

Can I send a beat back to a user?

No, beats are sent in one direction only. You can edit certain fields in a beat or ask the user to make updates to hours in their timesheets, if a correction needs to be made.

If I accept beats, does that mean I don’t have to approve those hours on resource timesheets?

You still need to approve timesheets, if you’re a timesheet approver.

Can I reopen an accepted beat?

No, but you can edit the Work Remaining, Estimated Completion Date, and Comment fields of a beat; this doesn’t require reopening.

Can I view the beat data anywhere besides the SmartBeats page?

Yes. Details about beats are available in the Beats Report report template.

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