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Tracking billable hours against targets

Administrators can set monthly billable hours targets for employees who bill their time.

Once they've set targets and resources have worked billable hours:

  • Administrators can allow each resource to view their progress towards targets using bar graphs that appear in their timesheets
  • Resource managers and supervisors can track actuals and targets using reports

Setting billable hours targets

To set monthly targets:

  1. Go to Administration > Projects > Target Billable Hours.
  2. Ensure the appropriate year is selected in the Target Billable Hours For field.

  1. Filter the list of employees, if desired.

  1. Enter billing targets for each month, for each user. Or, enter the total hours for the year in the Total field for each user; when you click away from that cell, the total will be divided evenly among all months of the year, and you can make adjustments as needed.

If you entered monthly targets, Polaris will display an annual total for each user in the Total column.

Be sure to account for disruptions in employee schedules, such as vacations, holidays, and shorter months.

  1. Click Save.

Comparing billable hours to targets

End users can view progress to billable hours targets in their timesheets. Managers and supervisors can use reports or dashboard graphs.

Using timesheets

Resources might be interested in tracking their own progress toward billable hours targets if, for example, their bonus is tied to their level of productivity, or if they want to compare their individual billing progress to that of their team.

If you'd like resources to view their progress, you can assign them the Target Billable Hours component in their configurable timesheet template. With this component assigned, they'll see a graph in their timesheet showing their progress toward billing targets and, optionally, the progress of groups they belong to.

Group totals include all users who have a billable target set, regardless of whether or not they have the Target Billable Hours component assigned. Users assigned targets of 0 are included in calculations.

Using reports

Administrators with Target Billable Hours permission can compare the billing targets to actual billable hours worked using the Target Billable Hours report template. Use the Utilization field to show the percentage of the target that was actually worked.

You'll need project or resource management permissions to use this report. If a non-administrator needs access to this report, create an Administrator permission template with only Target Billable Hours assigned, and assign it to the user.


Does the bar graph display in timesheets in mobile?

No, timesheets that include the Target Billable Hours component will not display the bar graph in the mobile app.

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