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There’s a validation error on my timesheet. What do I do?

If your timesheet shows a validation error, you may or may not be able to submit the timesheet, depending on your timesheet settings.

Typically, in either case, you should fix the error. The validation message should give you details of the validation error you need to fix.

These are the common error types:

  • You haven’t completed a required field on the timesheet (e.g. selected a project, or entered a comment)
  • You’ve entered too many or not enough hours, based on your work week, scheduled hours, or other hours limits
  • Your hours entered fall outside a date range restriction (e.g. your project’s start or end dates)
  • For in/out timesheet users, entries overlap or are incomplete (e.g. an In time might be missing an Out time)

Once you’ve fixed the error, you can click the  button, and the validation message should go away.

If you’re still having trouble submitting your timesheet, contact your supervisor.

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