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Managing license assignments

Each user who uses Polaris needs at least one product assigned to them in their user profile. And they may need licenses for multiple products, depending on what features that user requires.

When you sign up for your first Polaris contract, you'll need to talk to one of our account representatives to purchase licenses. But once you have a contract – be it monthly, or longer – you'll be able to carry out some or all of the following functions from within Polaris:

Purchasing licenses

Some customers with existing contracts can purchase additional licenses from within Polaris. If you don't see the interface described below, please contact your Polaris account representative to purchase licenses.

To purchase additional licenses:

  1. Go to Administration > System and Security > Manage Account.
  2. Using the Contract drop-down located at the bottom of the page, select the contract you’d like to add seats to.

  1. Click the Add Licenses link.

  1. Enter the number of additional licenses you’d like to purchase for each product you want to update.

The system calculates the prorated cost of the licenses for the remainder of your contract.

  1. Read the statement that appears at the bottom of the page, and enable the check box to accept the acknowledgement.
  1. Click the Purchase Licenses button.

A confirmation message displays. Polaris will send you an invoice.

Assigning licenses

Each user must be assigned a license for a product before they can access its features. Before a license can be assigned, a license must be purchased and available for use.

To assign licenses to a user:

  1. Click the Licenses side menu item in user’s profile.

  1. Enable the product licenses and click Save.

This page will only display products you've already purchased.

Once a user is assigned a license, you must also assign them permissions and templates. These control what data and actions are available to the user.

Checking current license assignments

To confirm how many seats you have, go to Administration > System and Security > Manage Account. A License Summary box displays at the top of the page. It shows how many licenses you've purchased and how many are currently assigned for each product you use.

Click on the numbers under Licenses Assigned to see a list of all users with a license for that product.


Renewing a contract

Some customers can renew an existing contract from the Manage Account page in Polaris. All self-managed license renewals are set to the length of the existing contract. If you’d like to renew for a different period, talk to your account representative.

If you are able to renew, a Renew Contract button will appear in the Contract box on the Manage Account page a few weeks before your contract is due to expire. If you don't see the Renew Contract button, please contact your account representative to process your renewal.

If you're able to renew your contract yourself:

  1. Go to Administration > System and Security > Manage Account.

Your existing contract should display in the Contract drop-down towards the bottom of the page.

  1. Click Renew Contract.

  1. If you want to add new licenses to the new contract, add them using the Additional Licenses fields that display. The new licenses will be available when the new contract takes effect.

If you want to add additional licenses immediately without renewing your contract, refer to Purchasing licenses above for information on how to do that.

  1. Select the Premium Plus Support option, if you'd like to sign up for that.

  1. If needed, use the Additional Instructions field to enter any special instructions, such as a P.O. number or when the invoice should be sent.

  1. Read the statement that appears at the bottom of the page, and enable the check box to accept the acknowledgement.

  1. Click Renew Contract again.

Replicon will send you an invoice.


How do I know what licenses to assign?

Refer to Choosing your products for information on the available Replicon products, and on the functionality each product provides.

Can I assign multiple seats to a user?

Yes, you can assign each user multiple product seats.

We use both TimeAttend and TimeOff. How do I decide which product to assign?

If the user is using both timesheets and time off, assign TimeAttend as it includes both. If the user does not use timesheets, assign TimeOff.

I can't access functionality I'm supposed to have. Why not?

To access features, you must have a license for the related product, plus the appropriate permissions and templates assigned. Ensure all prerequisites are in place for the functionality you're looking for.

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