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How do I log in if I use a third-party app like Intuit or Google to authenticate?

You may be set up to log in to Polaris using your authentication credentials for another application, like Intuit, Google, or ADP.

In this case, you don’t have a Polaris user name or password.

Instead, to log in, first go to

If you’re using Google or Intuit credentials to authenticate, click the appropriate icon on the login page.

If you’re using another provider:

  1. Click the Try our new login page link above the login fields.
  2. Enter your company key.

This key will be saved, so you shouldn’t have to enter it again.

If only one authentication option is set up for your organization, you’ll be taken directly to a login page for that third-party app.

If your organization has multiple authentication options enabled, you’ll see login fields, and below them a button for each authentication option enabled for your organization.

  1. Click the button for your third-party app.

If you’re already logged in to the third-party app, you’ll be taken directly to your Polaris instance.

If you aren’t logged in, you’ll be taken to a page where you can enter your credentials for the third-party app, then you’ll be taken to your Polaris account.


If I log out of Polaris, will my session with the third-party app end, too?

No, if you log out only your Replicon session ends, not the provider session. You’ll have to access that application to end that session.

Where do I log in if I have no Replicon credentials or third-party credentials?

In this case, you’re probably set up for single sign-on with SAML, which means you don’t have to enter credentials – Replicon is part of your umbrella network, and you’re authenticated at the system level.

If this is the case, your Polaris administrator likely provided you with a link to use to log in, or you can click the Sign in with SAML button, located on the new login page, described above.

Talk to your Polaris administrator if you’re having trouble logging in.

Does SSO work with Replicon Mobile and the Polaris app?

Yes, you’ll use SSO when you log in to one of our mobile apps, as well. Be sure to use the alternate login option, which is also available in the apps, if you’re using anything other than Google as a provider.

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