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How do I know what projects and tasks I’m assigned to?

You can be allocated to projects; this means that a dedicated percent of your work time, over a given date range, has been assigned to that project.

To understand what you’ve been assigned to, you can:

Setting up resourcing notifications

To help you stay up to date on what projects and tasks you’re assigned to, we recommend enabling web, email, or push notifications related to resourcing. There are three notifications available to project resources:

  • Resource Accepted - sent to you when you’re assigned to a project as a resource
  • Task Assigned - sent to you when you’re assigned to a task
  • Task Status Changed - sent to you when the status of a task you’re assigned to has changed

You can enable these by clicking the Notifications entry in the side menu.

Refer to Setting up resourcing notifications for more information.

Viewing projects you’re allocated to

To see what projects you’ve been allocated to work on, and when:

  • Go to My Work > Overview, and click View My Profile.

Your allocations are listed in the calendar that displays.

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