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Can I attach a file to a timesheet or time off booking?

You may be able to, but only if your administrator has set up a field that supports file attachments on your timesheet, time off booking, or project. If they have, the field will be located:

  • For projects, at the bottom of the Project Info dialog
  • For timesheets, in custom fields above or below your timesheet grid
  • For time off bookings, in a field that displays once you've selected a time off type

Attaching files can be useful if your timesheet or time off booking requires supporting documentation – say, a sick note if you’re booking sick leave, or a signed statement of work for a project.

If an attachment field is available, you’ll be able to enter a document URL or upload a document, or you may be able to choose between these two methods. If you have the option of uploading a file, you can drag and drop it. Attachment fields support a broad range of file formats.

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