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Auto-filling your timesheet

You can save yourself time when completing your timesheet by copying data from another location.

To copy data to your timesheet:

  1. Click Overwrite With.

The Overwrite With option will overwrite any existing information from the current timesheet.

  1. Select the option you'd like to use from the drop-down:


This Option...

Previous Timesheet Excluding Time Data

Copies the projects, tasks, activities, and row-associated custom fields from your previous timesheet

Previous Timesheet Including Time Data

Copies the projects, tasks, activities, row-associated custom fields, time entries, and any custom field data from your previous timesheet

Your timesheet is now auto filled with the data from the option you selected. If you incorrectly fill your timesheet, you can clear the contents with the Clear All button.


Why don't I see the Overwrite With button?

Your company may not have the timesheet population methods enabled. 

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