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Attaching a receipt to your expense entry

While entering expenses, you can attach receipts to an expense sheet as proof of your expenses. The expense approvers verify the expenses and the receipts you added before approving your expenses.

You can upload receipts using a number of formats, including .png, .gif, and .jpg. Refer to File formats supported when uploading expense receipts for a full list of supported types.

The maximum file size of receipts must not exceed 15 MB.

Attaching receipts

To attach a receipt:

  1. Go to My Work > Expenses.
  2. Select the expense sheet from the list displayed.
  3. Click the Upload link corresponding to the expense for which you want to upload an image file of the receipt.

  1. Click Browse to select the receipt, and then click Upload.

Once you have uploaded the receipts, you can replace, delete or view the receipts.

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