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Adding a report based on a template

To view Polaris data in reports, you can either run one of the reports available by default, or you can create new reports based on report templates. Each template (also known as a report type) is comprised of many fields and filters that you can choose to include in the reports you create.

Creating a report

To add a new report based on a template:

  1. Go to Reports.
  2. Click New Report.

  1. In the dialog that displays, select the report template you want to base the new report on from the Report Type field.

You can use the Category field to filter the Report Type list.

  1. In the dialog that displays:
  1. Click Create.

  1. To modify which filters display in the report, click the Edit link beside the Filters heading and select or deselect filter fields.

  1. Click Save, and give the new report a name. Then click Save Report.

You can now run the new report and share it with others.


What template should I use?

The report template names are a good clue to what sort of information they can provide. Or, refer to Replicon’s Reports Field Matrix. This document lists all of the report fields and filters by report template, and can be used to compare report templates.

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