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Adding a client

If you bill clients for project work, or track costs per client, you’ll need to set up client profiles in your system. Use the procedure below to add a single client.

If you’re adding multiple clients, consider using our import tool to add new clients.

Adding a client

To add a client:

  1. Select Clients from the side menu.
  2. Click the icon located at the bottom, right-hand corner of the page.
  3. In the dialog that displays, enter the client’s name and select the client manager (or select No Client Manager).

You will be assigned as the client’s manager by default, since you created the client, though you can change this.

  1. Click Add Client.
  2. Update information for the client, if necessary - see the section below for details.

Updating client info

To update information for a client:

  1. If you’re editing an existing client, go to Clients > List and select the client to edit.
Click the Edit button located in the top, right-hand corner of the page.

The Clients page for the client displays.

If you’ve just created a client, an editable version of this page displays automatically.
  1. To update client information, such as address and billing address, contact information, and invoice currency, client managers, co-managers, and client representatives, and any client custom fields), click the icons located in the Basic Info menu.

Then update fields in the dialog that displays.

  1. To upload a document or attach a web address for a file associated with the client, click the File/Web Address button.

  1. To view and edit projects for this client, click the Projects tab.

  1. To bill the client, apply payments, create credit memos, or view or edit an existing bill, click the Billing & Invoicing tab.


Do I have to specify an invoice currency?

No. If you specify no currency, your system's base currency will be selected by default on all invoices, but you can change this to any currency in your system.

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